Nucular Display Protective Case

The Design Team at NTC has developed yet another product to enhance the quality and longevity of your Sur Ron rides!  No longer must you fear throttling around a blind corner or ripping up an unknown hill because our latest addition to the product lineup can handle the roughest of terrain. 


The NTC Designs Nucular Display Case brings the rigidity and added visual appeal that you desire. It is machined from 6061 billet aluminum and mounted using a creative riser design that utilizes interior pocket holes for mounting to ensure a clean and custom appearance after installation.


This rugged custom case protects the plastic stock case from damage both on the trail or in the garage. It also replaces the plastic bar clamp with dual all-aluminum 2 screw clamps (similar to brake lever clamp). Mounting one riser and one clamp is a technique that can be used as needed. ..


The risers come in 2 sizes, standard and low profile, which will accommodate most configurations.  Direct mount stems will likely accept the low profile risers. Stock stems most likely will accept the standard riser.


Looking to purchase this one of a kind case? Check it out here. If you have already purchased and are looking for some quick and easy but in depth install instructions see those below.


Install Instructions

 1. Place the Nucular Display face down on the work table.
2. Remove the 5 phillips head screws and remove panel as pictured.
3. Disconnect controller cable briefly, feed through NTC Case and reconnect
4. Re-insert 3 center screws
5. Remove the Phillips head screws from the bottom corners off back panel as shown
6. Hold both pieces of display together and carefully insert the Nucular Display into the NTC Nucular Case
7. Using the 4 provided M3 button head screws, secure the Nucular Display into the NTC Case using the 4 available holes. Use a 2mm hex key.
8. Mount 2 risers to case as pictured using provided
M4 Socket head cap screws.
- Pre thread screws into case by hand.
 - Slide riser on case with NTC logo facing outward.
- Tighten with 3mm hex key 
9. Place case assembly at center of handlebars.
10. Use 3mm hex key to fasten 2 provided clamps to risers around handlebars