BAC4000 Full Coverage Mount Kit Install Instructions

Your stock Sur Ron is fun to ride once you get up to speed, but you quickly develop a hunger for more power and pull right off the line and around each corner.  The BAC Controller upgrades the Sur Ron from a power lacking dog to a dirt-eating, off-road cheetah.  The NTC Designs Full Coverage Mount Kit is the best way to keep your new controller safe for off road adventures!

The increase in power from a 60V system to a 72V system is very noticeable.  This is also the ideal time to grab a larger battery to increase your range as well. 

The below instructions will ensure that the NTC Designs Mount Kit is installed successfully.  Refer to the BAC Controller Upgrade instructions for proper wiring of controller.


Install Instructions for the BAC 4000 Full Coverage Controller Mount Kit:

  • Remove stock controller and connect your BAC Controller per the instructions provided from whom you purchased it.

  • Remove Stock tilt sensor, sensor bracket and lower left and right mount brackets. 

The following Install Instructions Apply to BAC 4000 Full Coverage  Controller Upgrade:

  • Set Controller, NTC Mount Plate, NTC Brackets, BAC Wiring Harness and provided Hardware in front of you.

  • Bolt on Upper and Lower NTC Designs Mount Brackets.


  • Insert first NTC Spacer, secondly the BAC controller and lastly the second NTC Spacer into grooves of NTC Mount Plate and secure with set screws provided.

  • Carefully route wires and get the upper or lower 2 mount screws started with hex key.  If your wires are very large, this step might require some patience and creative wire routing.  In my case, the wires are very large in diameter as pictured, so it was advantageous to get the top 2 bolts started to allow me to route the wires near the bottom and tuck the bottom in.

  • Lastly, fasten the NTC Designs Mount plate tightly with all four bolts provided to the upper and lower mounting arms.


Congratulations!  You have reached the end of the install instructions! Hopefully there is still some daylight left to go test out your upgraded bike out on the trail!  Have a great day!